Hoofddorp - KvK: 66505585

Rent a bike in Den Helder, Schagen, Den Oever, Anna Paulowna or Agriport

It’s so easy and cheap! Pick-up and return your bike at any hub! Book your bike 24/7. Only pay for the hours you rent the bike. Get your smartphone, click the location in the map where you want to start your ride and go biking. Our services are rated with a 9. Enjoy your ride!

Bike within 8 easy steps!

  1. Select on your smartphone a location in the map;
  2. Book 1 to 4 bikes;
  3. Registrate yourself (or login);
  4. Pay the depot a.o. with Creditcard, I-Deal or Apple Pay;
  5. Open the lock with your smartphone and bike!!;
  6. Close and open the lock as often you want;
  7. 1st hour € 3,25, 2nd – 12th hour € 0,75 and 12+ hours € 0,50 / hour;
  8. Depot minus rental costs paid back within 7 days after end rental.

Did you know that:

  • Rent a bike at the stations Den Helder Central or Den Helder Zuid and bike to Teso if you want to go to Texel. You can drop the bike at Teso and end the rental. On your way back, rent a bike again. If you like you can use the bike at Texel too. When you are on the bike, we suggest to go to Willemsoord with many things to do. See the submarine and several ships on the land, watch a movie in the cinema and check the many restaurants. It’s also nice to bike around Den Helder and see Texel, the old Napoleon fort and the Northsea.
  • From Schagen Central Station bike to Schagen Castle and don’t forget to enjoy the market at Thursday morning. Many people are dressed in original clothing during the summer! You don’t know what you see.
  • At Den Oever busstation you can go to the harbour and catch a fish at one of the cotters or just eat a fish in the harbour. Or if you dare go to the “Afsluitdijk”.
  • Bike from Anna Paulowna Station to the zoo Landgoed Hoenderdaell and Avitorium. Hungry on your way back? Just eat something in the centre.

Click on one of the hubs on the map with your smartphone and book, open and enjoy your ride!!!

Have fun and enjoy!