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Rent a bike in Hoofddorp and Nieuw-Vennep at the stations or in the Centre or at the hotels in De Hoek

Rent a bike with Uw Deelfiets in Hoofddorp and Nieuw-Vennep

Rent a bike 24/7 from one of the stops. Rent one to four bikes and pay by the hour. The bikes can be handed in at one of the dozens of stops of Uw Deelfiets

Bike within 5 easy steps!

Surf on your smartphone to

Select on the map the location where you want to rent bikes.

You don’t need to download an app.

Reserve 1, 2, 3 or 4 bikes per account.

The bikes are reserved for you no later than 3 hours before you open the locks of the bikes. So you have 3 hours to get to the bikes.

After booking the bikes, register yourself or if you already have an account, log in.

Pay the deposit with I-Deal, Creditcard or Apple Pay. After payment, the bikes are permanently reserved.

Open the lock from the same screen on your phone.

Close and open the lock as many times as you want.

The rental period stops when you return the bikes at one of the stops of Uw Deelfiets and end the rental period on your phone.


Average customer rating: 4.5/5
of the last 3922 rides

How does it work?

Watch the video

What does Uw Deelfiets costs?

3,25 for a 3 hour reservation and 1 our biking
  • 2 – 12 hours - € 0,75 per hour
  • 13 + hours - € 0,50 per hour
  • The deposit is € 20 per bike for a rental period shorter than 24 hours and € 56 for a longer period
  • The deposit minus the rental costs has been refunded in 7 days
  • Or convert your deposit into travel credit, become a frequent user and receive a 50% discount on the above prices!
50% employee -or customer discount
  • Are you a private? Get a 50% discount by becoming a frequent member. Convert your deposit into travel credit and get the 50% discount.
  • For employers and the hospitality industry, we have propositions to let your employees or customers use the shared bikes once or frequently.
  • We can adjust the percentage of discount and commission in consultation.
  • Contact us to offer the right service tailored to your needs.

Where are the Uw Deelfiets bikes?

Nice tours to do

Did you know...

If you have a few hours left, you could visit the following:

  1. Aalsmeer: A stone’s throw from Hoofddorp is Bloemenveiling Aalsmeer; the largest marketplace for flowers and plants in the world. During the early morning you can attend the flower auction.
  2. Haarlem: Cycle to touristy Haarlem with its Cathedral, the Groote Markt and the many nice shopping streets and tasty restaurants.
  3. Lisse: About 10 km from Nieuw-Vennep are the Keukenhof and the flower bulb fields. The flowers can be admired in all splendor from mid-March to May.
  4. Hoofddorp: Spot the taking off or landing aircraft from 2 places. At the Kruisweg, near the Mac Donalds, the planes with roaring engines come over to land or take off on the 3,490m-long Kaagbaan. Or walk within walking distance along the 3,800 meter long Polderbaan at the end of the IJweg near the Haarlemmermeerse Bos.

    In the Haarlemmermeerse Bos, regular events are held, such as the annual Mystery Land, Mud Race and Concours Hippique. The Floriade took place in part of the forest in 2002. There are still some remains of the Floriade 2002 present in the forest such as the Haarlemmermeer pavilion, Expo building and the Big Spotters Hill.

    Between Hoofddorp and Nieuw-Vennep the imposing Calatrava bridges have been built over the Hoofdvaart. The bridges are called:
    • Lute: The bridge also serves as a roundabout and the length of the pylon is 48 m.

    • Citer: Actually two bridges. A semi-bicycle bridge parallel to the Hoofdvaart over the Nieuwe Bennebroekerweg, and a car bridge over the Hoofdvaart. The length of the pylon is 62 m.

    • Harp: The bridge near Nieuw-Vennep is 143 m long and the length of the pylon is 82 m.

Enjoy the Haarlemmermeer, the Bollenstreek and surroundings with Uw Deelfiets!

Ook leuk om te doen:

Boek een fiets of wandelavontuur met minimaal 2 personen en ontdek elkaar en de omgeving!

Why Uw Deelfiets?

Reserve 1, 2, 3 or 4 bikes. You have 3 hours to get to your bikes and open the lock. 

Don’t download an app, don’t suffer from closing times and waiting queues, and don’t leave your ID behind. 


Biking is healthy for yourself and you do not cause CO2 emissions.

We respect your privacy, register as little as possible and do not sell data.

Pay by the hour. You pay less and less per hour the longer you cycle.

Take advantage of a 50% discount when you become a frequent user!

Our maintenance takes place by employees with a disability or retirees.

We use Dutch suppliers as much as possible.


We are...

Uw Deelfiets was founded in 2016 and is the first shared bike company in the Netherlands where the locks of the shared bike could be opened by phone.

We offer sustainable mobility in an innovative way. We are proud of our high customer ratings. 

The maintenance of the bicycles takes place by  employees with a disability or retirees who would like to remain involved in society. 

We work with as many Dutch suppliers as possible.

We attach great importance to your privacy; we register little, make little use of the functions of your phone and do not sell data to third parties!